Empowering The Powerless

Empowering millions of global citizens to play an active role against the life threatening and degenerative diseases which affect their families and loved ones.

Let’s Work Together To
Face Life’s Most Difficult
Medical Challenges

As you learn of EDNA’s industry changing approach and differentiating factors, it’s important for one to understand the ‘Why’. Why is EDNA doing this? Why is EDNA’s mission so important not just to the medical research community, but to society as whole?

Well that answer is very simple, and we refer to it as ‘Empowering the Powerless’.

You see the DNA Marketplace is currently one of fancy new technology, family tree / medical trait reporting, and high price corporate venture deals. But at EDNA, we feel it’s important to bring things back into focus. To remember the fact that most individuals on this earth have had someone they love and/or a family member who have unfortunately suffered from the cruel realities of a life ending and/or degenerative disease. The primary feeling one has when you watch a loved one go through these horrible realities is often an overwhelming sense of ‘Powerlessness’. The inability to take on that fight for your loved one, and the inability to obtain the medical answers or solutions necessary to solve the problem.

EDNA’s market solutions are targeted and geared to those around the world who understand what it means to feel ‘Powerless’. And for the first time, EDNA can provide these individuals a sense of Empowerment. By purchasing and uploading their DNA, individuals can take an active stance towards finding a cure for the disease and health issue which is most important to them and their families. And by Empowering themselves, they also Empower the thousands of under-served members of the medical research community. By working together, the EDNA community provides the mutual support and free flow of information society needs to find the next medical breakthrough.

Become An Instrument of Change

  • By becoming an EDNA DNA Advantage customer, you are automatically enrolled in the EDNA Ambassador Program. The Ambassador Program is a global group of like-minded individuals who are passionate about finding a cure for a particular disease and/or degenerative aliment which has deeply affected their own family and / or loved one(s).

  • Once you become a member of the EDNA Ambassador Program and have control and ownership of your human genome stored securely in the DNA Marketplace, EDNA will begin sharing with you vetted members of the medical research community who are in need of DNA related information to further their medical research and potentially find the next medical breakthrough.

  • The medical research teams who are chosen are also part of the under-served. Meaning these researchers have been left out of the current DNA Marketplace due to lack of available funding, lack of connections with the larger DNA Service Providers and / or a combination thereof.

  • As a member of the Ambassador Program, you have the ability to support these worthwhile causes by sharing your DNA related information with your chosen research team(s). You may choose to sell and / or donate your DNA related information to assisit the researchers in their worthy causes.

  • At its core, EDNA is dedicated to Empowering individuals like you all around the world who have faced the sense of ‘Powerlessness’ one feels when watching a loved one deal with life threatening disease. And as you learn of the bright and like-minded researchers around the world who have dedicated their lives towards finding a cure, but lack the available access to much needed DNA related data, EDNA is confident in our mutual ability to create long lasting change.

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