The EDNA DNA Economy is the financial engine which makes DNA Advantage and DNA Marketplace operate at true financial efficiency. EDNA has made the conscious decision to keep all blockchain and token infrastructure behind the scenes, to simplify the user interface and usability factors for both customers as well as researchers.

When Transparency &
Opportunity Combine

Once DNA as an Asset has had its true market value established by the EDNA DNA Marketplace, it will become possible for EDNA to introduce to the market an exciting financial product. We call it “The DNA Economy”. At its core (initially) it is a lending platform designed to enable the impoverished people of the world to tap into the value of their DNA, and that will have the power to change entire communities for generations to come in some of the most desperate places on earth.

Our partnership with EDNA Africa Pty. Ltd. gives us ready “boots on the ground” in remote regions of the African continent for sample collection, consumer education and managing community projects (wells, schools and clinics). Though our platform, impoverished people around the world will be able participate in the DNA Market. Our platform code will automatically repay the peer-to-peer, institutional and vendor lenders from the proceeds of the DNA owners data sales on agreed terms, and deliver money to the under-banked who will only need access to a cell phone to participate and receive funds (quite common even in remote African villages).

The DNA Economy makes use of a public blockchain (digital ledger technology) to both store the financial agreements and records and to disburse funds when data is sold.

“EDNA Provides a Tool to Combat Poverty, While Ethically Earning Profit”

EDNA’s DNA Economy Is Coming Soon

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