The Origins Of The DNA Marketplace

The DNA Marketplace is now 20 years old, since the first sequencing of the whole human
genome in 2001.

The DNA Renaissance Has Begun.

In 2001, a group of scientists worked together to sequence the first whole human genome. It was a ground breaking and revolutionary step for science, humankind, and for the future of our ability to address disease and other health issues which face a growing global population. Like with many firsts in science, the process of sequencing the human genome was costly and time consuming. Yet, despite those challenges, this success sparked a new ‘DNA Renaissance’.

Beginning in the early 2000’s, private DNA related initiatives and private corporations sprang up all over the world; each looking to simplify the process of sequencing a human genome, and so began the ‘DNA Marketplace’.

Since then, companies such as ‘23andMe’ or ‘’ have collected data on over 17 million consumers combined. During that time, only an estimated 1 million individuals globally have actually sequenced their whole human genome. Why the dramatic difference in scale? EDNA believes it’s largely due to consumer education. Companies such as 23andMe have gamified the process, gathering data on millions of citizens in return for explaining your family history, heritage, and/or shedding light on possible health conditions you may be pre-exposed to. Playing into this natural human curiosity has proven quite lucrative. All the while, the options and reasoning for sequencing your whole human genome have not been explained at similar scale. Some could reason that it’s ‘over their heads’, ‘not interesting’, or ‘doesn’t carry the same mass appeal’. It’s for these very reasons that EDNA was born.

EDNA’s mission is to share with the large global audience, now introduced to the concept of sharing DNA in exchange for useful information, the true realities of what is occurs with your DNA behind the scenes. How current DNA providers take your DNA, provide you a useful report and possibly professional guidance on how to interpret the results, and then engages with the open market to sell your DNA related data at multiples that would make any Fortune 500 company green with envy. EDNA is here to change the DNA Marketplace, and democratize this process of DNA collection. By providing consumers all the same useful information and guidance about their health and DNA makeup, while a the same time allowing consumers to participate in the True Market Value of their DNA.