Meet The EDNA Team

The executives are driven to changing the face of the DNA industry.

Greg Simpson - Founder & CEO

As a serial entrepreneur and former Senior Principal Engineer at Oracle, Greg’s eclectic career has ranged from nuclear weapon and satellite communication systems though enterprise resource planning software architecture and SWAT-Team leadership for the fortune 100s critical systems. Fast-forward to today where his fascination with the rapidly exploding technologies of both genetics and blockchain provide in his words “… the perfect vehicle to allow us to make a legitimate difference”.

Matt Haynes - COO

Matt is living proof that when one applies ones’ self, the sky is the limit. Matt lives on the bleeding edge of blockchain technology with a specialty in understanding the barely defined world of crypto-compliance. As a seasoned marketer, founder and founding partner of multiple businesses, he has introduced a wide range of projects to the blockchain community where his interviews and insights are well known and much sought-after.

Kelly Mejia - V.P. Lab Operations

Kelly who holds a Masters in Biology is responsible for the deployment and maintenance of EDNA’s genetic laboratories and protocols. Her meticulous attention to detail and refusal to tolerate the slightest variation from the proven path insures your EDNA data is both the most accurate and most secure genetic information on earth. Kelly is very passionate about 4th Generation sequencing, Oxford Nanopore Technology and the future of genetics.

Johnathan Sheridan - Business Adviser

With over twenty years of sales, marketing and business development experience in the biotechnology industry, Johnathan is perfectly poised to guide EDNA though her launch and subsequent journey. He has served, and continues to serve, as CEO to some of the front running corporations in both the biotech and bio-informatics industries. Johnathan holds an MBA as well as a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science with a Biology Minor.