Meet The EDNA Team

The executives are driven to change the face of the DNA industry.

EDNA Board of Directors

Greg Simpson - Founder & CEO

As a serial entrepreneur and former Senior Principal Engineer at Oracle, Greg’s eclectic career has ranged from nuclear weapon and satellite communication systems though enterprise resource planning software architecture and SWAT-Team leadership for the fortune 100s critical systems. Fast-forward to today where his fascination with the rapidly exploding technologies of both genetics and blockchain provide in his words “… the perfect vehicle to allow us to make a legitimate difference”.

Werner Booysen - Founder EDNA Africa, Pty. Ltd.

The principles of EDNA Africa have a long history of time spent “in the bush”. Their ability to collect DNA based on previous contacts within African villages across the continent, is renown. Trust and reward principles ensure that communication lines are strengthened with every single engagement. Basic support like changing a phone number will be accommodated with the said individuals. Language barriers are overcome with translators and with no invasive procedures associated with the medical industry present (drawing blood with needles, and others) individual want to participate without fear or prejudice.

For more on EDNA Africa, please see our whitepaper: 

The EDNA, Inc. Partnership with EDNA Africa (Pty) Ltd.
The Why and the How

EDNA Crypto/Blockchain Advisory Board