EDNA’s Value Propositions

EDNA provides individual consumers, as well as members of the medical research community, unparalleled value over other DNA Service Providers.

EDNA’s Value To Consumers Proposition

DNA Service Providers currently in the market can be categorized in one of three ways: 1) collecting DNA data in return for family history / health related reports, 2) those which collect your DNA data, then sequence your whole human genome, 3) those that provide family / health reports and /or whole genome sequencing combined, followed by professional guidance from a DNA counsellor who will help you make sense of the DNA related data.

Although these value propositions have proven successful thus far in the DNA Marketplace, those that collect your DNA and provide family history / health related reports have garnered most of the market share. Many subscribe to the theory that this is because these DNA Service Providers have kept the process of providing your DNA interesting and fun, combined with catching and costly marketing campaigns. While those that sequence and then counsel you on the results of your whole human genome, have only managed to carve a small portion of market share. This is most likely due to the consumer’s lack of understanding and interest in what seems to be a confusing and unappealing process for most of the general population. At EDNA, we’ve recognized these traits, studied the markets, and polled over a 1,000 potential consumers. And with that combined data, EDNA has created the perfect blend of value propositions.

Our key differentiation is the ability for EDNA consumers to be able to control, and financially benefit, and directly participate in the medical research which may lead to the next medical breakthrough. EDNA has created a way for whole genome sequencing to become interesting, and creates a natural customer pull far beyond just family history / health related reports. This unique blend of science, financial earning power, and assisting in the medical research industry’s quest to find the next cure, positions EDNA with a powerful value proposition aimed to the widest global audience possible.

EDNA’s Value Proposition To The Medical Research Community

In addition to individual EDNA customers being able to post their DNA related information, the DNA Marketplace is also the first platform of its type which allows medical researchers to customize their DNA related requests like never before. As the industry sales of genome related information have already proven, the ability for medical researchers to gather additional data such as medical records and follow up visits drastically increases the market value of the DNA sample set. Because the EDNA DNA Marketplace allows for a secure ongoing communication pattern to exist between buyer and seller, all within the confines of current and future regulatory as well as consumer protectionary obligations, EDNA’s DNA Marketplace has the ability to dramatically expand the medical research industry’s ability to gather the full picture associated with one’s DNA.

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