This page allows your to claim your EDNA Tokens from the Worbli Blockchain to the UX Blockchain

You will need scatter desktop installed and running to submit this form

Scatter Status:

Not Logged In


  1. Insure Scatter version 12.1.1 is running on your computer.
  2. Insure you have setup the UX Network:

    Front Tab
    Name: UX Network
    Protocol : HTTPS
    Chain ID: 8fc6dce7942189f842170de953932b1f66693ad3788f766e777b6f9d22335c02
    Port : 443

    Token Tab
    contract : eosio.token
    symbol : UTX
    decimals : 4

  3. Insure Your Active Key for your UX Account is loaded into Scatter.
  4. Insure Your Owner Key for the Worbli Account you want to claim the tokens from is loaded into scatter
  5. click login on this page and login to your UX Account
  6. Fill in the form above & click Fetch Data
  7. Verify the new onscreen information and click Looks Good
  8. Wait for scatter to popup and then Allow the arbitrary signature transaction 
  9. Click Claim, WAIT for scatter to request your second signature, sign it and wait for your confirmation message.

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