We are EDNA

EDNA seeks to balance the financial and ethical shortcomings of the direct to consumer genetic testing market, while redistributing incentives throughout the ecosystem. EDNA also seeks to provide secure and private monetization of one’s own genetic code, while establishing a more robust and ethical diverse sampling of genetic data sets for scientists and researchers. Such an initiative holds the potential to create wealth and sustainability in many under-served parts of the world.

The current industry model requires DNA Service Providers (those that collect consumer DNA as part of their business model) to subsidize the low retail price of their products by selling their consumer’s DNA related data to qualified buyers. Yet, as the DNA price discovery process unfolds, the markets are now learning that these DNA Service Providers are doing far more than subsidizing their costs. Rather, they’ve been able to generate hundreds of millions of dollars of profit by utilizing carefully worded ‘consent’ language in their consumer agreements. EDNA believes that a more ethical and effective distribution of profits and information is necessary in the DNA Marketplace. Thus, allowing consumers to participate in the True Market Value of their personal asset, and working to achieve a transparent and stabilized pricing structure which will increase the availability of DNA related information to researchers and institutions; the very parties responsible for bringing about the next big medical breakthrough.

In order to conduct these efforts in a compliant manner, EDNA has developed a revolutionary process utilizing proprietary blockchain technology. EDNA’s blockchain structure ensures that EDNA is able to meet all HIPAA, legal, and consumer protection related rules and regulations, while also providing qualified members of the medical research community the ability to obtain far greater information than ever before.

At its core, EDNA is dedicated to helping the hundreds of millions of individuals around the world who have had a loved one who has battled and/or lost the fight to life ending or degenerative diseases. When faced with such a reality, the biggest emotion one feels is one of being ‘Powerless’. Unable to ‘fight the fight’ for your loved one, and unable to obtain the medical answers or solutions necessary to solve the problem. This feeling of being ‘Powerless’ is the driving force behind EDNA’s market solutions.

Now, with the advent of EDNA’s DNA Advantage and DNA Marketplace, EDNA customers can sell and/or donate their human genome information to qualified and vetted medical research teams. The types of research teams whose focus is on solving the very medical issues which bring about the sense of ‘Powerlessness’ , yet are forced out of the DNA Marketplace due to their lack of multimillion dollar funding. The world is filled with thousands of bright medical researchers who are unable to gain a seat at the table to acquire human genome information for testing.

With EDNA, consumers are Empowered with the ability to affect change. To personally participate in the medical research which previously rendered them ‘Powerless’, and possibly create a world in which future generations never feel the sense of ‘Powerlessness’ currently gripping our global community.

Through EDNA’s open and transparent process, EDNA is shinning the light on what the true values are behind the DNA Marketplace. Not just profits or fancy financial transactions, but empowering the global community.

Are you ready for the EDNA revolution?