Providing You The Control, Privacy & True Market Value Of Your DNA.

While Empowering millions of global citizens to play an active role against the life threatening and degenerative diseases which affect their families and loved ones

Who Is EDNA?

EDNA is the first Genetic Sequencing Service Provider to go far beyond hereditary or ancestral related reporting. EDNA allows individuals from anywhere in the world to own their personal encrypted whole genome sequence, and sell and/or donate their personal genome to accredited medical research teams from around the globe who share their personal ambitions of finding a cure for many of life’s most debilitating and too often fatal diseases.

Beyond that, EDNA is a community of humans that have grown tired of watching other humans suffer. Be it from Genetic Disease or Poverty. We as a group we have decided “enough is enough”. We have decided to do something about it.  

AND We have the tools to make change happen.

Empowering the Powerless

Via EDNA’s Online Community & the EDNA Ambassador Program, EDNA is partnering with charity, support and patient advocacy groups from around the world. EDNA then matches each group’s medical related objectives with those of like-minded medical research teams, and together these new partnerships may bring about the world’s next major medical breakthroughs – Using YOUR DNA.

DNA Advantage is EDNA’s flagship solution, providing full ownership, control and encrypted privacy of your whole DNA sequence. Donate it to a cause you believe in, and/or sell temporary access to research efforts you want to contribute to. All the important choices are yours. It’s your data. Your Property.

DNA Marketplace is the blockchain online infrastructure which allows EDNA DNA Advantage customers to view profiles of accredited members of the medical research community and their associated medical objectives. Once a DNA Advantage customer has identified a medical research team and mission which they find worthy, DNA Advantage customers may use EDNA’s DNA Marketplace to sell and/or donate their DNA related information.

EDNA’s DNA Block Economy is the blockchain backed financial and economic model which provides the DNA industry’s first transparent ledger of DNA related pricing and transactions. By aiding in the price discovery process of this new and emerging industry, EDNA’s DNA Block Economy holds the potential to bring forward true price discovery and DNA-Based financial products to the global economy.