EDNA Turning your DNA into Money

Medicines built for your exact
genetic code*

Buy an EDNA DNA Shovel for an impoverished village. Let them dig up their "DNA-Gold". Double your money as they harvest the genetic value. Create generational change. Wells, farms, food, medicine, hospitals, schools. You will look smashing doing it. You will be smashing poverty and trafficking in rhino & elephant poached products and in trafficking children for sex slavery the direct results of poverty.

Your valuable data is safe here. Unhackable blockchain secured. You hold the only key.

* Personalized medical treatments are not yet available in all geographic locations

Our Products

EDNA DNA Advantage
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Whole Genome Service: Collects 2.98 Billion “molecule-pairs”, far beyond the paltry 6 Million of typical tests.
Privacy: With EDNA, there’s no hacked database excuse (we don’t have one)—your data stays yours.
Genetic Counseling: Evaluates over 49,000 potential conditions, not just basic markers and ancestry traits.
Ownership: Fully maintain the financial rights to your DNA, avoiding handing over $70,000  or more to their “Terms of Service”.

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EDNA DNA Marketplace
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Vetted: Only published, peer-reviewed scientists allowed in the EDNA Market
Offers: They ASK YOU to borrow your DNA data for research and pay YOU
Conditions: Clear descriptions of what they seek (Asian males over 50  – No Heart Disease, or YOU!)
Escrow: EDNA smart-contract manages all data and finance exchanges plus compliance & security
Safe: Military-Grade Encryption protects all communication (even EDNA sees nothing). Copying, transferring or nefarious actions prevented by EDNA intellectual property
Secure: There is no database or records to hack. We don’t keep your data. Period.    

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EDNA Block economy
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DNA Data: EDNA transforms it into an asset class. Consider the implications.
Valuable: For the majority of the world’s 8.1 billion people, it represents their most valuable possession. 
Decentralized Finance (DeFi): The EDNA smart contract oversees every aspect of your investment.
Profitable: Simply set it up and let it work for you. Witness the value of a single genome investment double repeatedly—2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64… and instantly access your cash whenever you choose.
Humanitarian: EDNA focuses on aiding impoverished communities. Through profitable and expanding investments, it facilitates the creation of food, medicine, clinics, and schools. Additionally, it plays a significant role in dismantling cartels’ abilities to traffick in illegally poached animal products and exploit children.

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Your Data is Safe Here

We never sell your personal information under any circumstances what so ever.

Your data, encrypted

Logo of lock

Your data gets encrypted – meaning no one can read your personal data.

Stored on the Blockchain

Logo of blockchain connection

We securely move your data onto the Blockchain, creating the first encrypted anonymous DNA ledger.

You hold the key

Logo of key

Only you have the key to open, read, share and sell your DNA. Your data is in your hands.

Are you ready for the future of DNA?

EDNA Whole Genome Sequencing

View our product family to start genome sequencing today

EDNA Whole Genome Sequencing (Pre-Sale)

Be one of the first on the planet to take complete control of your genetic data using state-of-the-art blockchain technology.  With EDNA Whole Genome Sequencing, once your DNA is secure on the blockchain, you and only you hold the key to sell your DNA to medical researchers, without prying eyes and others trying to benefit.

  • Control over your DNA
  • The ability to profit from your data
  • Safe and secure data handling
  • Future-proofing by utilising new and exciting technology
  • Whole genome sequencing


VAT & Delivery included

Our Process

We believe transparency and simplicity is key when it comes to handling your data.

Step 1

Collect your DNA

Open up your EDNA DNA collection kit and follow the instructions inside or just watch this video.

Step 2

Send us your sample

Send your sample to our secure laboratories to begin sequencing.

Step 3

Receive your genome

You’ll receive your complete and private genome through state-of-the-art cryptographic security.

Step 4

We erase stuff

All traces of your DNA data and personally identifiable information are removed from our systems.

Step 5 (Opt-In each access)

You Begin benefiting

Allow buyers access to your genome and receive financial compensation.

Step 6 (optional)

Learn about you

Select one of our certified genetic counselors to study your DNA, find out what’s there and explain to you what it means.

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