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Start sequencing your genome today and SAVE.

EDNA Human Genome Sequencing

Be one of the first on the planet to take complete control of your genetic data using state-of-the-art blockchain technology.  Once your DNA is secure on the blockchain, you and only you hold the key to sell your DNA to medical researchers, without prying eyes and others trying to benefit. Product packaging may vary.

  • Control over your DNA
  • The ability to profit from your data
  • Safe and secure data handling
  • Future-proofing by utilizing new and exciting technology


Free Delivery included

*This Product is currently shipping as far as the collection kit to collect and properly store your DNA sample goes. The full solution our website explains is under development and testing including Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA) Certification / United States CDC approval. We can not yet give you a time when the complete EDNA solution is in your hands, but we are offering in exchange for your patience a deeply discounted price and should something go astray the promise of a free re-test 100% on us.      

Unlike others, our kits are CLIA certified. Meaning not only are they just approved for research purposes, but are good to go for diagnostic use. Just ask anyone who’s shown their doctor a report of a concern only to be handed (and charged for) an approved DNA Test.   

You can follow the progress of the project, and join the group of early EDNA supporters and enthusiasts simply by joining our telegram chat room at The EDNA Telegram Group. (https://t.me/edna_life) it’s a free and helpful community.