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Your sample passes through what is called a protocol; this is an exact and standardized “recipe” of chemical additions with carefully controlled times, temperatures, and amounts until the DNA is purified and ready to be loaded into the instrument(s) being used to read it and turn it into digital data. After each of the 3 billion letter pairs of your DNA molecules are read 30 times, they are checked for errors and assembled into your complete genome. We then process it in our dry lab, where it is prepared for storage in your personal “deposit box”, and the only key for the box is transmitted to you. Any remaining liquid or digital traces left behind are then destroyed.

Saliva collection is very non-invasive of the body without requiring a needle stick. It has a low probability of transmitting a disease to our staff handling the samples compared to blood. Further, it has been declared safe for international shipping so we can serve customers globally. 

EDNA does not send or publish any results in the way you are probably thinking. The handful of in-home DNA reports the U.S. FDA and other government agencies allow us to report directly to you for medical issues is hardly a drop in a giant bucket. When it comes to genetic variations that are known to cause diseases (known as pathogenic), this amounts to 10 variations allowed and over 49,000 known but not-allowed in direct-to-consumer reports.   

Instead of reports, the EDNA platform allows you to select an approved and certified genetic counselor, book an appointment, conveniently allow them temporary access to your data, and actually run a checkup on your entire personal genome. This is the first step to gaining meaningful insights into your state of health, future potential things to watch out for, and even exploring if you can receive personalized medicine (drugs customized to your DNA for better results and lower risks of side effects). 

Too late. We’ve already opted out of everything for you. One of the cornerstones of the EDNA core principles is that genetic data is personal and should always remain under the total control of the owner. 

How the EDNA platform works is researchers interested in getting access to genetic information through EDNA can fill in a request for specifics (this could be anything from “Asian males over 50 and who are heart disease free” to “Women with a harmful BRCA1 genetic variant” to “Anyone under 40”) The researcher also provides any conditions on their offer, and how much they will pay for access to your data. Once the request is EDNA approved, users of the platform will receive a notification of the research offer details and can opt-in to this specific offer from there.      

Not in the least little bit. EDNA has placed our Cryptocurrency and Blockchain “under the hood.” So all you’ll need to be comfortable with is your choice of a basic website or an iOS or Android app. 

No, we can’t do that. We don’t keep anyone’s biological data, and there is no possible way for us to go looking in the system for someone else. Only the genetic data owner has the “key” to open the “deposit box” where the data is. This even applies to court systems and governments. If we were ordered to hand it over, we’d have to reply “Sorry judge, we don’t have access to any of that.” 

EDNA Product Family

Start sequencing your genome today.

EDNA Human Genome Sequencing

Be one of the first on the planet to take complete control of your genetic data using state-of-the-art blockchain technology.  Once your DNA is secure on the blockchain, you and only you hold the key to sell your DNA to medical researchers, without prying eyes and others trying to benefit.

  • Control over your DNA
  • The ability to profit from your data
  • Safe and secure data handling
  • Future-proofing by utilising new and exciting technology
  • This is a PRE-SALES Product*


VAT & Delivery included

*This Product is currently shipping as far as the collection kit to collect and properly store your DNA sample goes. The full solution our website explains is under development and testing including Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA) Certification / United States CDC approval. We can not yet give you a time when the complete EDNA solution is in your hands, but we are offering in exchange for your patience a deeply discounted price and should something go astray the promise of a free re-test 100% on us.      

Unlike others, our kits are CLIA certified. Meaning not only are they just approved for research purposes, but are good to go for diagnostic use. Just ask anyone who’s shown their doctor a report of a concern only to be handed (and charged for) an approved DNA Test.   

You can follow the progress of the project, and join the group of early EDNA supporters and enthusiasts simply by joining our telegram chat room at The EDNA Telegram Group. (https://t.me/edna_life) it’s a free and helpful community. 

EDNA Utility Token

Navigate the EDNA marketplace buy purchasing EDNA Utility Tokens. These allow you to buy access to DNA from our EDNA Marketplace, negotiate transactions and more.

EDNA Utility tokens require an account on the UX Network, click here to claim your EDNA Tokens after purchase and find out more.


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