Welcome Data Owner

Welcome to the new era of owning your genetic story. At EDNA, we’re not just another company; we’re your partner in taking control of your DNA. Imagine holding the key to a vault that contains the blueprint of you, and only you decide who gets access. That’s what we offer—a space where you are the true owner of your genetic data, with privacy and power in your hands.

You might find it unusual to think of yourself as a “Data Owner,” but we believe it’s a title you deserve. Your DNA holds invaluable insights into your health not to mention a high dollar value when lent to research, and both the insights and the money are yours to keep and use as you wish. Our role is simple: to transform your sample into valuable usable data while safeguarding your privacy with the most robust technology out there. We then pass the reins over to you, along with the peace of mind that your genetic secrets are erased from our records forever.

Why choose EDNA? Because we don’t just promise to protect your privacy—we’re built on the foundation of trust and transparency. We’re upfront about the real value of your genetic data, and we’re here to ensure you benefit from it—not big corporations.

How can you be certain we are who we claim?

When is the last time a company was wide-open about the market value of your personal information and also underlined to you that it was your property?

Say goodbye to hidden clauses and the “I Agree” traps that strip away your rights. At EDNA, you’re not just a customer; you’re a pioneer in a movement that values ethical genetic discovery.

Join us, and experience the respect and empowerment you deserve.

This is EDNA—where your DNA, your rights, and your privacy come first.


Not all DNA testing is created equal. In the graphic below, the black area represents the amount of your data EDNA captures and the red area the amount of data examined by a typical “DNA Test”.

While many are accustomed to standard DNA tests that explore around 5 million DNA molecules—sometimes even fewer—the real story is in the detail. Imagine those conventional tests as mere specks, represented by the tiny red dots in this graphic representing 5 million DNA molecules. 

At EDNA, we go far beyond the norm. We don’t just perform tests; we sequence entire genomes. Unlike the red dots, have a look at that vast  expanse of 3 billion black dots, symbolizing the depth of EDNA’s genome sequencing. That’s right, we delve into approximately 3 billion molecules of your genome, ensuring an incomparably thorough understanding of your DNA.

But EDNA’s commitment goes deeper than just sequencing. We’re dedicated to protecting what’s rightfully yours: your genetic data. While others might lure you with low-cost “tests,” hiding their real motive of claiming ownership over your valuable genetic information through fine print “terms of service,” EDNA champions a different philosophy.

We stand firmly against such deceptive practices. To us, your genetic data is your property, period. We believe in empowering you with full control over your information throughout the entire process.

Choose EDNA, where your DNA remains unequivocally yours, explored with unmatched thoroughness and safeguarded with unwavering integrity. Not only is the data yours with EDNA – so is the money you can choose to make loaning your data to medical research.

Hacking is less of a concern compared to other issues, because EDNA does not store any genetic data. Here’s how it works: After your DNA sample is processed offline and converted into digital data, it is then secured on the blockchain. As soon as you receive the access keys, we completely remove your information from our systems. In essence, there’s no data for hackers to access. The second issue involves ensuring the safety of your data, and this is where EDNA’s advanced measures come into play. We utilize proprietary techniques to secure your genetic information on the blockchain and the Inter Planetary File System (IPFS), using encryption that meets military standards. Only you hold the key to decrypt and access your data.

Currently, none. We are in talks with a medical factory capable of producing medicines specifically for an individual persons DNA. This has been shown to increase the efficacy of the medications while reducing their side-effects. We are keeping a close watch over this rapidly advancing technology and expect to be able to offer access to doctors as soon as it is practical. 

We feel keeping your data private and securely under your control is the best solution to ethical issues. While there are some protections guarding people against discrimination based on DNA content in the US, by employers and insurance companies, the safest approach id keeping your data secure. Every reseacher that is allowed to access the EDNA system and offer you a deal to borrow your DATA is heavily vetted by EDNA and signed an agreement to protect your data and keep it private. Government regulations further protect your private information. EDNA takes it a step further with our proprietary technology that can instantly identify any bad actors in our system.

This one is a simple question. The data is yours, the property is yours. That makes the money the data earns yours as well. Period. End of story. 

You and you alone have access to your genetic data. Period. Once your sample is processed, we give you the only key to unlock it. We do not store it.  If you loose your “key to your safety deposit box” we can not recover it for you. Your data is completely under your control.

EDNA vets all researchers applying to our platform by a thorough review of their peer-reviewed publications. Additionally they are required to sign an extensive terms of service that limits their use and possession of your data. In some cases, where the research is in early stages and without publications, the researcher may be required to post a bond with EDNA with participants as the beneficiary. 

Privacy Concerns: There may be a risk of personal data breaches which could expose sensitive genetic information.

Ethical and Legal Issues: The commercialization of DNA data raises questions about consent, ownership, and how this information can be bought, sold, or used.

Data Misuse: Companies or individuals might use the genetic information for discriminatory purposes, such as health insurance pricing or employment screening.

Access Disparities: There’s a potential for inequality in access to the financial benefits of DNA data assets, possibly exacerbating socioeconomic disparities.

Market Volatility: As with any asset class, the value of DNA data could fluctuate unpredictably, influenced by market demand, scientific advances, or regulatory changes.

Regulatory Landscape: The legal framework surrounding genetic data as a tradable asset is still evolving, which could lead to future restrictions or changes affecting its status.

Public Perception: There might be a negative public response to treating something as personal and intrinsic as DNA as a tradable commodity, which could lead to backlash or reduced participation.

Longevity of Data Relevance: Scientific advancements may render certain types of genetic data obsolete or less valuable over time.

It’s crucial to navigate these concerns with strong ethical guidelines, clear regulatory frameworks, and robust security measures to protect individuals and ensure the responsible use of DNA data as an asset class.

Understanding the Terms and Conditions: Consumers should thoroughly read and understand the terms of service, privacy policies, and consent forms before using EDNA services.

EDNA provides controls for you to decide how your data is used and shared, including options to opt-in or opt-out of research and third-party data sharing. We have extensive security measures in place to protect your data. This includes encryption methods, data storage practices, and protocols for data transmission.

Blockchain Verification: Since blockchain is mentioned, confirm how it is used to secure your data, and understand the process of how your genetic information is encrypted and converted into a blockchain asset.

Key Ownership: Get clear information on the ownership and management of access keys. Ensure you are the sole owner of the keys that unlock your genetic data.

Open Lines of Communication: There should be easy-to-access customer support to answer any questions regarding data privacy and usage.

Legal Compliance: Verify that the company complies with relevant regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for European residents or other local data protection laws.

Consumers should always retain a critical eye and advocate for their rights to privacy and data control, asking pointed questions and demanding transparency from us.

EDNA uses blockchain technology primarily to make the trading of genetic data open and transparent. This means that the real worth of your DNA is visible on a public market, but without revealing any of your personal information. This is done through a smart contract, which works like a middleman that safely holds the payment from the researcher and your data, and then carries out the exchange only when both are provided.

Additionally, EDNA uses the encryption capabilities of the blockchain to send your genetic data safely from our laboratories directly to a secure personal storage space that only you can access – think of it like a highly secure digital safe deposit box. After your data reaches this secure location, the blockchain helps us keep track of any subsequent sharing of your data that you choose to do. This ensures that you can always see where your data goes after it’s left our labs.

When lending out DNA data for research, there are usually several conditions EDNA meets:

1. **Informed Consent:** You must give informed consent, understanding fully how your DNA data will be used in research, potential risks, and the nature of the research being conducted.

2. **Transparency:** The terms of the data usage, including the duration, purpose, and methods, are all clearly laid out in simple language.

3. **Privacy Protection:** Your data shared for research is anonymized and de-identified to protect your personal identity.

4. **Security:** Strong security measures are in place to ensure the data cannot be misused or intercepted during transfer.

5. **Compensation Agreement:** There will always be a clear compensation agreement outlining how if and how you will be financially remunerated. This could be a one-time payment, a percentage of royalties, or possibly a stake in the research outcomes.

6. **Revocability:** You always retain the right to withdraw your data from research if you change your mind.

7. **Legal Compliance:** The sharing and usage of the data should complies with all applicable laws and regulations, including those related to human subject research and data protection.

For consumers to financially benefit from lending their DNA data:

1. **Direct Payments:** You may receive direct payments for the initial provision of their DNA data to researchers.

2. **Revenue Sharing:** Some companies may offer a revenue-sharing model where consumers get a percentage of the profits made from research or pharmaceutical developments that used their data.

3. **Tokenization:** In a blockchain system, consumers could potentially receive tokens or digital assets that represent the value of their shared DNA data which can be traded or sold.

4. **Flexible Access Models:** Consumers have the option to participate in various research projects, thereby potentially increasing their financial rewards.

Consumers interested in participating in our program should thoroughly investigate the EDNA’s practices, ask questions, and seek out independent advice to ensure your data is being used ethically and that you are being compensated fairly.

Our platform allows the DNA Data Owner (you) to participate in genetic research by lending your DNA sequence to research efforts around the globe. (see the our “how it works” page for details on our process)

The cost to convert a biologic sample into DNA data has plummeted for the last 20 years. as shown below. From 100 Million Dollars per sample in 2000 to less than a few thousand today.

Because of that massive drop in cost, thousands and thousands of research projects that were simply too costly to undertake are being pulled off the shelves and worked. So, the future of the DNA marketplace looks incredibly strong. Our technology scales quite easily, so we’re certain we can keep up with the demand for your genetic data.  

Get ready for a groundbreaking revelation: Your DNA isn’t just a blueprint of who you are— for most of the world it’s also the most precious asset they possess. Imagine carrying around a treasure trove within you, just waiting to be unlocked.

Here’s the twist: countless individuals around the globe, especially those in poverty-stricken areas, have untapped wealth swirling in their DNA, but they aren’t even aware of it. Research is in dire need of this rich, diverse genetic data, yet participation currently skews severely towards limited demographics. With a scant 2% of global genetic data representing African DNA, and merely 3% accounting for Latino DNA, we’re missing out on the full picture.

But what if I told you that sequencing this DNA—once an expensive endeavor—is now within reach for these communities, thanks to the transformative EDNA Shovel? This isn’t just a tool; it’s a revolution in micro-finance, a beacon of hope for villages ensnared by poverty. With just $1.00, a visionary investor can lift an entire community, turning their genetic wealth into a source of prosperity.

Picture this: The EDNA Shovel gathers funds, empowered by people who see the future of DNA as a lucrative asset. Once the pool is ripe, our dedicated team marches into the heart of a village, collecting samples, setting up registrations, and boarding these new users onto the EDNA platform. As villagers commence the journey of monetizing their genetic data, the genius of EDNA’s smart contract kicks in—splitting profits down the middle between the data contributors and the forward-thinking investors. After doubling their investment, backers can either cash out or reinvest to spark change in another village.

The cycle of empowerment doesn’t stop there. With continuous data monetization, villages transform: wells spring forth, farms flourish, schools and clinics rise from the dreams into reality. And while these communities thrive, researchers get access to the much-coveted gold mine of diverse genetic data they desperately need, propelling medical advancements. This is no ordinary investment; it’s a chance to be part of a movement where everybody wins—villagers, investors, researchers, and the world of medicine. Join the EDNA Shovel revolution, and unearth the true power of DNA!

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