EDNA in a Nutshell

  • EDNA utilizes cutting-edge biotech like Liquid Handling Robotics, Oxford Nanopore & PackBio Instruments for DNA sequencing.
  • The company focuses on consumer security and privacy, offering services like genetic counseling and personalized medications.
  • EDNA leverages blockchain technology smart contracts for transparency, secure transactions, escrow services, and data management.
  • Their business model includes whole genome sequencing, genetic counseling, personalized medicines, and P2P micro-loans (to combat poverty, wildlife poaching and human trafficing).
  • The company aims to tap into the vast market potential for personalized medicine and DNA-based services.
  • EDNA’s financial projections outline growth in income, expenses, net profit, and cash reserves based on cumulative genomes sequenced.
  • The company is actively seeking investments and has detailed financial projections for potential investors.

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DNA as an Asset Class
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