Welcome World Changer

Welcome aboard the express journey to innovation! Brace yourself for a revelation that’s about to reshape what you thought was possible. Tuck away your expectations and prepare for a mind-bending encounter, because we’re introducing something that will turn your world upside down. This is EDNA Shovels, and we’re not just breaking new ground; we’re revolutionizing the very soil of planet earth. So, are you ready to be part of something extraordinary? Let’s dive into the world of EDNA Shovels and unearth the future together!

What you need to know first

  • In 2001 the cost of Human DNA Sequencing  (Whole Genomes) was $100 Million Dollars
  • Today same service costs $2,000 sometimes even less
  • This radical price drop means tons more research is being done today that was just too costly in the past
  • This is directly leading to an explosion in genetic research and it’s only growing
  • EDNA surveyed hundreds and interviewed dozens of Geneticists and Scientists doing genetic research
  • We asked how we could serve them better and 100% answered exactly the same. They told us:

"More Data"
"High-Quality Data"

They also told us on average they spend $250.00 to get their hands on a single human genome sample they can use in their research. Lastly, they all agreed with our estimate that any given sample out there is probably being sold and re-sold over 300 times in today’s back alley marketplace.

Math: $250.00 x 300 = $70,000.00

The projected average true market value of a single human genome*

*Everyone will know the exact value in real time as soon as the EDNA transparent DNA Marketplace is fully operational

Ok, What's an EDNA Shovel?

Take a smallish African village of 100 people living in extreme poverty, the kind that makes you’re eyes water to see, or even think about.

No water. No farms. No clinics. No schools. No Hope. Just starvation, disease and death. 

But wait! There are 100 people right there walking around with a total of $7,000,000.00 in their mouths.
Too bad they can’t afford to dig up their own “DNA gold”.

Fun Fact: African genetic data commands a premium for research since it only comprises 2% of the global available supply (South America is second with just 3%)

Presenting The EDNA Shovel

  • You buy an EDNA Shovel (They only cost $1.00 so maybe you buy a few)
  • Your shovel goes into a pool
  • When the pool grows large enough, EDNA Africa visits an impoverished village and collects samples
  • EDNA sequences the samples and puts them on-chain ready to monetize
  • As researchers buy the samples, you are repaid your shovel plus another shovel doubling your stake
  • The villages poverty situation changes forever
  • You now have 4 options:
  1. Send your shovels to your bank in your local currency
  2. Turn your shovels into Bitcoins 
  3. Send some shovels to some friends who just need to see it to believe it
  4. Do nothing and recycle your shovels at the next village growing your ability smash some more poverty (2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256…. and on)

EDNA Africa is wheels-up

 Whether they’re heading into the deep African jungle or wide open savanna on a mission to relocate a family of lions to safety, or to repel out of a helicopter to rush into a firefight with a cartel hell bent on poaching elephants, or maybe even one of the last 2 while rhinos left on the planet because of illegal poaching, these guys are the real deal. They’ve been at their thankless work for decades.

True heroes.
EDNA, Inc. is proud of and grateful for our sister company.   

They did tell us there is room for your shovels on the next flight.

Ready to smash some poverty world changer?

Getting started is easy:

  • Visit the EDNA shop and buy a few shovels.
  • Let us know which UX Account you want to control these shovels with
  • Don’t have a UX Account yet? No problem, when you buy a shovel there is an option in our shop to let us know that. We’ll create a FREE UX Account for you, give you the keys to the account, and show you how to change the locks so it’s yours and yours alone.
  • Wait for the EDNA App (Coming Soon) to watch the EDNA pool grow live to the next wheels-up, and get those shovels digging.
  • You can also join the EDNA telegram chat at https://t.me/edna_life there you can intorduce yourself to like-minded people get fast answers to any of your questions, join other shovel owners.

Still have questions for us? Get answers fast just click https://t.me/edna_life and join like minded friends in our chat about all things EDNA/