Illumina NovaSeq 6000 Whole Human Genome Sequencing


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Important Notes:

  • This product is launching for EDNA, Inc. on July 4th, 2022, but has been in our lab production for several years. Please bear with us as we work out kinks (mostly shipping and logistic) to make things run smoothly. You should expect some reasonable delays before completely controlling your DNA data.
  • “The instrument must run batches” in the laboratory in groups of 48. You may spend additional time waiting for more samples to be purchased and ready for processing.
  • You will eventually need access to an EOS or UX Network account to receive the product. We will email help as we get ready to add your data to the chain. 
  • Suppose you intend to sell your data to researchers on the EDNA platform. In that case, you may only use a UX Network account with KYC (Know Your Customer) completed.
  • If, at any point, you have questions about the product or the EDNA process, please visit us on our Telegram chat at

Be one of the first on the planet to take complete control of your genetic data using state-of-the-art blockchain technology.

This data product is created using a NovaSeq 6000 instrument connected directly to an EDNA-controlled server. No one in the Wet-Lab can copy (or even view) your data. It is transmitted to the EDNA Dry-Lab in an entire 64-bit encrypted state for final processing, ensuring you are protected from prying eyes. This product is FDA Approved for Clinical Use. Doctors and genetic counselors may use it for medical diagnosis. You will receive complete and exclusive control of 100% of your whole human genome – all (readable) 3 billion base pairs.

From Illumina: NovaSeq performs whole-genome sequencing more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever. Its scalable output generates up to 6 Tb and 20 billion reads in dual flow cell mode with simple streamlined automated workflows. Configure the system to sequence a trio in one day or up to 48 genomes in ~2 days for the most comprehensive coverage.

EDNA intends to only offer for sale 1,000 (or less) of this exact product as proof of a minimum viable product and to validate the EDNA platform. This approach will also allow individuals to start offering their data to researchers ASAP should they choose. Once our inventory is gone, you may have to wait a while to join in as we further refine our business processes, products, price points, and so on. However, if you are one of the first 500 to purchase this product (as an EDNA Thank-You), your genome will be entitled to cost-only upgrades for life. As genetic technology improves, these upgrades will allow you to “trade up” at the lowest possible cost to you as new technologies become available.

This product ships to you in inside a box covered in shrink-wrap. The shipping label on top of the wrap is the postage to get the item to you. Under the wrap is another postage/shipping label to return the sample to the lab, and a sealable sticky-strip. It’s important not to destroy or discard the box after removing the collection swab. Simply remove the shrink-wrap and remove the swab packet from the box. When you’re finished with the swab (instructions inside) simply put the tube back in the box, seal it and drop it in the mail. Postage both ways is pre-paid at EDNA.