Meet the EDNA Team

The executives that are driven to change the face of the DNA industry.

EDNA Advisory Board of Directors

Dr. Vanessa Small, Ph.D.

San Diego, California

Joseph Carangelo

San Diego, California

Anthony John Bertelli

New York City

Dr. Joan Bienvenue, Ph.D.

Afton, Virginia

Timothy Smit

Erie Colorado

EDNA Executives

Photo of Anthony Stonefield

Anthony Stonefield

EDNA Africa Chief Operating Officer

Bachelor’s degree in Biology – University of California, Santa Cruz. With 28 years of innovation venture development experience in the U.S., U.K., E.U., Middle East and sub-Sahara African tech markets, Anthony has raised over $36 million in venture capital for disruptive start-ups which have generated $1.5+ billion in revenues. As a global innovator, he pioneered downloadable songs, spearheaded the creation of the mobile content business, and authored 11 international patents. Anthony has consulted for Fortune-500 companies (including AT&T, Qualcomm, Nokia and Ericsson) and has co-managed the tokenization of crowd-financing pioneer, Sun Exchange and bank services for Africa’s XRP pioneer, Xago Technologies. Specialist in Exponential Organization methodologies, Anthony specialized skills span biotech/biomed, green energy, mobile/telecoms, digital media and fintech (including blockchain and digital currencies).

Photo of Werner Booysen

Werner Booysen

EDNA Africa Chief Executive Officer

Seasoned Microsoft Certified Programmer with institutional-grade skills and experience in data security, management and analytics. Founder of EDNA Africa (Pty.) Ltd., EDNA’s field service and operating entity in Africa, the principles of which have a long history of time spent in rural Africa. Their ability to collect DNA based on previous contacts within African villages across the continent is renowned. Trust and reward principles ensure that communication lines are strengthened with every single engagement. EDNA Africa will accommodate essential support like changing a phone number with the said individuals. Language barriers are overcome with translators. With no invasive procedures associated with the medical industry present (drawing blood with needles and others), individuals want to participate without fear or prejudice.

Greg Simpson

EDNA, Inc. Founder & Chief Executive Officer

As a serial entrepreneur and former Senior Principal Engineer at Oracle, Greg’s eclectic career has ranged from nuclear weapons cryptology and military satellite communication systems and enterprise resource planning software architecture and SWAT-Team leadership for the fortune 100s critical systems. Fast-forward to today, where his fascination with the rapidly exploding technologies of both genetics and blockchain provides in his words “… the perfect tool-set to allow us to make a legitimate difference combating personal data abuse and even poverty”.

Nate Mega

EDNA, Inc. Chief Creative Officer

As a lifelong entrepreneur, Nate has always felt that his calling is to serve God via technology that will ultimately positively impact millions and billions of peoples’ lives. He is quicksilver, with clear direction and uncanny intuition. Truly a rare combination of right brain/left brain symbiosis. Nate is constantly developing fresh, compelling ideas that transcend the here-and-now, which spawn exciting new realms of possibility. He is passionate about science, art, innovation, ideation, disruption, the creative process, UI/UX, graphic design, business strategy, branding, philosophy, travel, education, philanthropy and wildlife conservation. Nate is a visionary and entrepreneur through and through. At 14, he invented an automatic transmission for bicycles. At 23, he started a global sticker company while attending University in Montréal where he studied Business. At 27, Nate became Co-Founder and CEO of a global travel souvenir startup. Nate is a deeply spiritual soul who revels in music of all kinds, photography, large-format abstract oil painting, autodidacticism, pets and most importantly family.

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