How EDNA Works

The ‘Current Industry Model’ compared to the ‘EDNA Business Model’

The Current Industry Model

Pricing Kept Private, With No Public Disclosure. Price Equilibrium Is Difficult To Identify.

This Lack Of Transparency May Lead To Price Gouging & Lack Of Industry Growth

Higher Prices May Lead To Lack Of Data Availability To The Researchers Who Need It Most

Since the advent of the DNA Marketplace, DNA Service Providers such as 23andMe and have used broad based marketing campaigns to engage a global customer base using the value propositions of understanding your family history as well as health related traits and characteristics.

With an average sale price of between $100 and $200 dollars, these DNA Service Providers are able to gather tremendous amounts of DNA related data. However, due to the high cost of marketing and operations, these DNA Service Providers look to the sale of the DNA related data they’ve collected in order to generate profits as well as shareholder returns. All of this occurs while the individual consumer who provided the DNA, does not maintain any control and/or financial participation associated with their data.

The EDNA Difference

EDNA Holds The Ability To Publish Pricing Statistics Via The Blockchain Ledger

Increased Transparency Of Sales Related Data May Allow For True Price Equilibrium

Standardized Pricing Allows For Greater Participation From The Research Industry

EDNA’s business model follows a similar structure, but differs in the following areas by utilizing the EDNA DNA Marketplace:

  • Flexible payment plans, in order to provide as wide an audience as possible to participate in the sharing of their DNA related data via the EDNA DNA Marketplace.

  • Whole Genome Sequencing; Generating A Higher Price Per Sale.

  • Control, Privacy, and Ownership of you whole DNA genome sequence.

  • The ability to control who, where, and when your DNA related information sold or donated.

  • The ability to assist medical researchers who are focused on curing the very life ending and/or degenerative diseases which affect so many of our loved ones.