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The EDNA Process

Step 1

Order your DNA Whole Human Genome Sequence from the EDNA Shop. Keep a copy of your order confirmation email (You’ll need your order number later).

Step 2

Receive your kit

When you receive your saliva collection kit, remove the shrink-wrap and open the box. Follow the instructions inside. IMPORTANT! Do not destroy or discard the package. Return to EDNA pre-paid postage is printed on the box under the shrink-wrap.

Step 3

Send your kit

After collecting your sample, following the instructions, place your collection tube back in the box. Seal the box by removing the cover on the sticky tape and drop the sealed package in any mailbox.

Step 4

Download the app

Download or visit the EDNA app for iPhone or Android or Web (coming soon) your order number(s) from your confirmation email(s) on the app account tab.

Step 5

Sign up!

Fill in the entire account tab on the app (mobile or web). Doing this will enable EDNA to store your data where only you can control it.

Step 6a (optional)

View your offers

Wait for notifications from your EDNA app that an approved researcher has made an offer for your data. Opt-in as you see fit, and start collecting money for granting temporary, secure, and time-limited access to your data.

Step 6b (optional)

Genetic counciling 

Review the genetic counselor options (coming soon); choose one and book an appointment to gain deep insights into your genome and the potential for personalized medications. Personalized medicine is medications explicitly created for your DNA. This customization increases the drug’s effectiveness and is known to reduce unwanted side effects.

Our saliva sample collection kits are FDA approved for clinical use, with the highest quality and usage standards available anywhere.

Our kits use a swab to be rubbed on the inner cheeks and gums. The entire process takes just a few seconds. 

Save the box your kit came in. Return shipping payment is attached to the box under the shrink-wrap. 

We’ll email you with confirmation when we receive your sample.

The EDNA App – [Coming Soon]

EDNA is creating all the differences for...

DNA Data Owners

EDNA Advantage logo
ENDA DNA Advantage logo
  • Gain Total Privacy, Control, and Financial Ownership of your whole genetic sequence.

  • Get Full Access to Your Health Information using EDNA Genetic Counselors.

  • Earn significant passive income by securely loaning your data to research projects of your choosing.


Genetic Researchers

DNA Logo
EDNA DNA Marketplace Logo
  • Owners: The ability to control who, where, and when your DNA-related information is sold or donated.

  • Researchers: Ability to place offers to access EDNA Owners’ DNA for research using your criteria at your preferred offer price.

  • Researchers: Specify variations down to molecular location for highly targeted studies.

  • Researchers: Let the EDNA platform pre-screen for you based on any criteria (medical, geographical, follow-up, or…) you create using the convenient EDNA web or mobile apps.       

DNA Data Owners

Block economy logo
EDNA DNA Block Economy Logo
  • Owners: Participate in the DNA Advantage & DNA Marketplace even if you can’t afford EDNA sequencing by using an investor-backed micro-loan.

  • Investors: Earn significant returns on your investments in DNA as an Asset Class. Invest as little as $1.00 or as much as you like.

    Investors: Invest with confidence. The Economy is managed by the EDNA Blockchain smart contract.

    Investors: Help deal a significant blow against poverty, human trafficking, and illegal wildlife poaching through targeted investment product pillars.      

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