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IMPORTANT: No data submitted with this form is shared beyond EDNA employees directly involved in the vetting process. Once your registration is vetted you will have a blockchain account with full researcher permissions within the EDNA smart contract, as a part of those permissions, you will be able to create a EDNA platform-wide visible researcher profile should you so choose.

Ready to unlock the power of genetic data? Begin your journey with EDNA by completing our streamlined researcher registration form. We're excited to get to know you and the impactful work you do. At EDNA, we take pride in our thorough vetting process, ensuring that every researcher we endorse is of the highest caliber. This meticulous approach means our community of DNA Data contributors can trust in your expertise and the valuable insights you bring.

We work diligently to fast-track this process, with an aim to gear you up within 3 working days or sooner. Get set to take control of your exploration into the genetic frontier – we'll set you up with a complimentary account on the cutting-edge UX Blockchain Network. Your personal blockchain vault awaits, complete with the keys and simple steps to make it exclusively yours.

Embark on your EDNA adventure today. We appreciate your commitment to scientific discovery and look forward to supporting your endeavors every step of the way. Discover, collaborate, and innovate with EDNA – where every data point leads to new possibilities!

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You will be able to add team members to your account after registration.
The EDNA On-boarding of an organization can be simple or complex depending on the organizational needs. For now, naming the entity is enough. We will likely require a phone call or two so that we may fully understand how you operate, and craft an appropriate EDNA solution for you. Please proceed as if you were registering for just yourself.
May be personal, team or organizational
Please describe in layman's terms where possible the general areas and goals of your research
Please provide a few links to published papers you have written or contributed to. If your name is not credited (possibly a team members is) please note that.
Please provide any additional information you think EDNA should know at this stage.

Thank you for taking the time to let us know about you. You should expect to hear something back from us in 72 hours or less.